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  • Click to learn about our TLC Philosophy
  • Click to learn about our TLC Philosophy
  • Click to learn about our TLC Philosophy
  • Click to learn about our TLC Philosophy
The "TLC" Philosophy

Why Should I Pick Terry's Lawn Care?

Because Terry's Lawn Care understands your business.

  • Personalized service and guaranteed quality at a fair price.
  • Commitment to building long-term business relationship
  • Experience you can trust.

The Terry's Lawn Care Philosophy

Trust -  Our business was founded in 1987 on the principles of respect, integrity, and honesty.

Loyalty - We have loyal employees and loyal customers because we focus on building long-term business relationships.

Commitment to excellence - We get the job done right every time, with excellence, at a fair price.

Marty Terry, Owner & CEO

Marty Terry and FamilyI’m Marty Terry, President and CEO of Terry’s Lawn Care.  In 1987, with a full-time job and a brand-new baby, I started this company with a single lawnmower in the back of my truck.  Within a few years, my reputation for honesty and hard work had me busy enough to hire a full-time crew and leave my job with the Post Office to focus on building Terry’s Lawn Care into a full-service landscape company.  Today, that company is thriving and my "brand new baby" and her younger sister both have a baby of their own.

It was important to me from the beginning that the employees I hired were as dedicated as I was to maintaining the high standards and good reputation that I had established.  In an industry where turnover is the norm, my two right hand men have been with me since 1991.  By expanding my business into landscaping and sprinkler systems, I was able to keep my employees busy year-round so that they didn’t need to find alternate work during the off-season.  Every team member at Terry's Lawn Care has the opportunity to receive full healthcare benefits and to participate in a 401K plan.  I firmly believe that if you take care of your people, they will take care of business.

I believe that my business is not only about lawn care, but about relationships.  I believe in treating my customers and employees the way I want to be treated –with respect, integrity, and honesty.  This is the foundation of our company "TLC" philosophy –Trust, Loyalty, and Commitment. This philosophy has been the key to our success and the reason why, after more than 20 years, I still enjoy my job and take pride in it every day.

I believe that this philosophy is also the reason that I have had such a successful relationship with many residential and commercial clients and I look forward to expanding our partnership with you.

Marty Terry President and CEO

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